Sewing Classes for ALL Ages



 Kids are BUSY, but a 3-4 time monthly class can generally be worked in.

Generally, these month-long, 2-hour/week classes are held on Tues. and Thurs.

but sometimes other days as well, so just give me a call:  217-369-4687 

Older Teens and Adults meet on  Monday afternoons, and 2nd & 4th Monday nights. 

Be the 1st Registering Student for a Monthly Session and YOU get to

determine the exact 2-hour time frame/age/skill/project direction!  

Sept. - Oct. - Nov. 2021  

Though girls are my primarily students, I welcome any class to become just BOYS.   


Only Paid Registration saves a class seat. However, I understand cash flow for young families. To save your child's seat with a 50% downpayment safely online or a check delivered to the Studio, call me (Ms Londa) at 217-369-4687. The balance of the class fee will then need to be paid by cash or check the first day of the class.  

                    Class Minimum (to 'go') is 2 students, Maximum is 4 students.


I'm proud to share

Student and Parent


Private Classes can be scheduled at  $30/hour by appointment.   . Sessions must be Pre-Paid with at least 1 hour to save your time in my schedule.  Billing is then adjusted at the end of each class session, billed to the quarter-hour and paid via cash, check, or PayPal.   

Call Ms Londa at 217-369-4687 to schedule private sessions.