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Sewing Classes for ALL Ages





  1. PRIVATE CLASSES are available at $40/hour scheduled at mutually-convenient times. 

 2. If you have 2 or more students 'gathered', that equals a 'Class' at $20/student/hour with 2 hour classes highly recommended for more learning and accomplishment.   To allow for a good block of learning, I suggest 4 class sessions.  Total charge for a 4 session, 2 hours/class comes to $160.

Monday and Wed. afternoons are reserved for older teens and adults.  I try to hold Tuesdays and Thursdays for kid's classes, but I'm happy to schedule as mutually convenient.  Give me a call:  217-369-4687. 


SCHEDULING NOW for Spring Classes up to end of school year AND for Summer Sewing Camps - Give me a call at 217-369-4687

2-3 students 'makes' a Class.  Fee:  $20/hour/student

I offer ample FREE Fabric selection for many projects! 

Have Alterations/Hemming/Mending and can't find anyone to do them?  Come to the

Sunroom Sewing Studio to both get them done AND to learn how to do it next time on your own!   



  • Only Paid Registration* received at least 1 week prior to class/or class first session saves a class seat. 

                               Payment can be made by

* registering here at the website with payment by credit/debit card or PayPal

* delivering cash or check to the Studio        

* PayPal payment made at time of registration per a phone call.  

To be Fair to All, I hold to the policy that payment for a class at the time of the class is no longer accepted with the following exception:   

Exception:  for private classes, any time over the pre-paid amount is billed to the quarter-hour and payable at that time via cash, check, or PayPal.    


CLASS REGISTRATION IS TRANSFERABLE, BUT NOT REFUNDABLE.  If you have to miss a class, and let me know at leat 24 hours in advance,  the class fee paid for the missed class may be applied to a future class or to a private with Londa at $40/hour.  Last minute illness is understood, but please give me the courtesy of notifying me asap.  If you forget, or just don't show up - NO REFUNDS.  

*I understand cash flow for young families. To save your child's seat with a 50% downpayment online with a link I provide, PayPal, or a check delivered to the Studio, call me (Ms Londa) at 217-369-4687. The balance of the class fee will then need to be paid by cash or check on the first day of the class.  

                    Class Format Minimum Registration (to 'go') is 2 students, Maximum is 4 students.


The INSTRUCTION FEE is $20/hour  = $40/2 hour class session.  This fee includes use of

Studio machines, notions, and generally thread, elastic, and some smaller project fabric. 

If I make/provide garment patterns, there is an additional charge that will be stated in the

Supply List and payable via CASH at the first class session.   

Generally, fabric and thread for garments, larger projects is NOT included in the Class Fee.  


  • $160 for a 4 week long 2 hour/week class

  • $120 for a 3 week-long 2 hour/week class 


I'm proud to share

Student and Parent


Private Classes can be scheduled at  $40/hour by appointment.   . Sessions must be Pre-Paid with at least 1 hour to save your time in my schedule.  Billing is then adjusted at the end of each class session, billed to the quarter-hour and paid via cash, check, or PayPal.   

Call Ms Londa at 217-369-4687 to schedule private sessions.

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