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My two girls love taking classes with Ms. Londa. We've been working with Ms. Londa almost three years and the most recent class (making 18" doll clothes) was their favorite by far. I highly recommend Londa's Sunroom Studio!  Julianna K.  

"After searching for months for someone to show me how to use my serger I finally found Londa! I am completely satisfied and in love with my serger ! She is a great teacher and fun to work with!"  Kay D.

"I was thrilled to find someone to help my young daughter develop her love of sewing. I know that Wee Stitchers was just the beginning of our relationship with Londa! She is patient, kind, and gracious, and her Sunroom Sewing Studio is such a lovely environment in which to learn. We can't wait to go back! Thanks Londa!" 

 Amy P-S.  

"After calling around for help with applying zippers, I found Londa's Sunroom Sewing. She was a great wealth of knowledge and was very patient!!!"  Yolanda B. 

"Sewing camp was a great experience for my 10-year-old! The four-day sessions offered an amazingly broad exposure to beginning sewing skills. Londa put so much effort into making the projects fun, age-appropriate, and suitable to each child's interests. Life skills were learned while having fun in a Christian environment. I couldn't have asked for more in a summer camp experience. "

Joy S. 

"I'm thankful for you and what you are teaching my girls.  Sewing skills will serve them well throughout their life and gives them a creative outlet.  We'll continue to tell our friends all about it."  Melissa P. 

Mom Kelli G. has had all 3 of her children take classes over the last 3 years and was kind enough to write this very comprehensive testimonial.... 

"Taking sewing classes from Ms. Londa has helped our daughter practice sequencing skills.  Academic areas such as science, math and even art require specific sequences.  The sequencing skills learned in the Sewing Sunroom have spilled over into other areas of our daughter's life and academics.


Our son's hand sewing skills have given him more confidence in his fine motor tasks.  He has always liked the "big tools" that his daddy uses in the garage at home.  Recently, his desire has grown to use the small tools that require precision as he gains confidence through hand sewing classes.


A benefit of the hand sewing class is the slow speed of projects.  Our world is constantly at high speed.  The moment we want information, we quickly access a device with the answer.  Hand sewing allows our children's minds to process at a slower speed as the project doesn't produce an instant result.  


Endurance, patience, pressing on (pun intended) are all skills that sewing has helped.  Sports can develop these skills as well, but for those kids who aren't as athletic, sewing classes have provided character building in an air-conditioned, non-sweat producing, relaxed, caring environment for our children.  


Sewing has helped my child learn to face challenges head-on.  Ms. Londa is right by her side to guide her during any frustration.  Instead of tossing a project on the floor and giving up, the comfort of having a coach right beside her gives my daughter the confidence to pick up the seam ripper and try again.


Our daughter is a rather indecisive soul.  She lingers over every decision.  There are so many fabric options, and any of them can make lovely projects, but having to narrow in on one is difficult.  Every session she signs up for, I see her ability to choose a fabric to become less difficult.  She enjoys seeing her own fabric selection turn into something useful or fun.  The opportunity to see the "big picture" has helped her not "overthink" the fabric selection process.

Friendships bloom at Ms. Londa's sunroom.  Picture going back in time, where friendships grew though chatting together, genuinely caring about each other's lives (deeper than haphazardly clicking "like button") and learning a skill together.  I love it when I pick up my daughter and can hear the "hen house" chatter and giggles as I arrive.

The environment in the Sunroom is full of peace and kindness.  Ms. Londa cares about each young lady's life.  It is obvious they all know she cares.  They adore her and return over and over to her classes.

Our daughter wants other girls to know that the friendships she has made in sewing class are special to her.  And she thinks other girls in town would like taking sewing classes and making friends in class. 

This is the BEST use of our family's budget when we consider the classes our children are signed up for during the year.

All three of our children take sewing classes, one of the few interests they all share.  And it brings a mom pure joy to see the three of them take over our living room and work through a project together.  Even with the variation on skills, all 3 can work on the project.  Sounds like real life doesn't it....people with different skill levels completing projects together.

Ms. Londa provides a pattern for each project that the kids complete.  At home, our children use the patterns and the confidence they gained in class to make gifts from those patterns. 

Just check at the fabric store, patterns are expensive.  Bringing a pattern home gives me as a sewing student the opportunity to practice outside of the classroom setting.  Ms. Londa's patterns are custom designed for each level she teaches, so a student doesn't attempt something beyond their knowledge and skill."  

Londa Welcomes Your Questions: Call at 217-369-4687
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