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Sewing Escape Retreat  at Londa's Sunroom Sewing Studio

Sewing Escape Retreat at Londa's Sunroom Sewing Studio

Sewing Escape Retreat at Londa's Sunroom Sewing Studio


My safe, spacious, fully-equipped and sunny Sewing Studio in the rolling hills of western TN is waiting for you!  Whether you are a brand new sewing student (age 6 and up), or a seasoned sewer looking for an escape with a friend,  I offer over 50 years of professional sewing experience and education to guide you to LOVE TO SEW!  Centrally located between Nashville and Memphis on I-40, you and a friend(s)* could meet here for a few days of FUN!  Since sewing expos and events around the country are on hiatus these days, so this is a GREAT & SAFE alternative!  The Studio is 20' x 30', so there is plenty of room to spread out!   You'll even enjoy the view out my studio windows of my flower garden and sunflower fence mural.  


You can bring your own machine/serger or I'm happy to let you use mine free of charge.  I even have Sewing Stations fully stocked with every sewing notion/tool you might require.  My favorite notions and interfacing are right here in the studio ready for sale as needed, and with 2 fine quilt shops, plus JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby within a 10' ride, we should have everything at our fingertips that you might need.  There is even a very reasonably priced Clarion Inn & Suites just minutes from my home.  Food?  Lots of great choices close by as well!  There's even a sink and frig IN the Studio, and my kitchen just steps away.    The fee of $249 covers approximately  6-7 hours.   

If you come as a party of 2:  I will give you an additional 10% discount - to be given in merchandise at the Studio. 


Below I've described some possible areas as suggestions for the type of sewing which I could help you master/complete. 

* Fitting and alterations - love to sew, but can't seem to make it fit??   I promise - we can solve your issues! 

* Sewed a LONG time ago, but want to get 'back into it'?  Ahhh - I promise to make you LOVE all the new techniques and to introduce you to the very best in sewing notions. 

* Don't have a sewing machine or need to upgrade?  Test out features on my wide variety of machines in the Studio.  As a past machine dealer - I can help you select the very best machine/serger to meet your needs.  Heck...we can even go shopping here at the stores representing all brands, or I can help you shop online.  

* Ready to learn NEW TECHNIQUES?  I make it my job to keep up with the newest and greatest, so along with my own library of skills, I promise you'll go home armed to sew and love it! 

* Learn ANY genre of sewing:  Garment, quilting, crafting, home decorating...I've done it all. Though quilting is not my 'love', I know and have taught the basics.  Garment sewing is my passion, and I've done more than my share of crafting and home dec sewing too.  NO matter what level you are at:  Beginner to Advanced - I am confident that I can teach you what you want to learn.  One of my machines is the big Brother Quattro 3 sewing/embroidery machine - so if you want to do embroidery, that is here for you as well.  

* GIFT Sewing!  I have oodles of great gift sewing projects already figured out as creating gifts has been a focus of my fall kids sewing classes for the past 4 years.  My files (physical and digital) are overflowing with ideas!  Come for a few days and you can cross off lots of names on your Christmas Gift List this year - I promise!  

* UP-Cycle Sewing!  Have some garments hanging in your closet that need a new lease on life?  Perhaps some garments that belonged to loved ones who have passed on?  Up-Cycle sewing is my true passion, and I'd LOVE to help you come to master and love the skill as well!   Heck - I even have tubs and tubs of 'fabric' waiting for up-cycle sewing, and there's even 4 Thrift/Goodwill stores within 15' of my home for 'shopping'.  

* Pass It On...I love to teach KIDS too!  How about scheduling an Escape Weekend with your daughter/granddaughter/niece?  I've even taught BOYS - so don't be 'sexist' about this idea!  I generally feel that kids are ready to start sewing at age 6 by hand, and do well at the sewing machine when they are 9-10, but have had even 7-year-olds at the machine with great success.  I've got the patience - I promise!  Watch me teach your little one to pick up some techniques for carrying on with passing on needlework skills once you go home.  The 'experience' alone would be a great gift! 


To 'order', please first call me at 217-369-4687 to discuss scheduling and topic.  I'm happy to book your Escape Retreat with half down, and the other half upon arrival. I do handle quite a nice selection of notions/interfacing that you might need/want to purchase while you are in the Studio.  

    $280.00 Regular Price
    $249.00Sale Price
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