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Sewing - Sampler Class:  Mom + Me

Sewing - Sampler Class: Mom + Me

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Sewing - Sampler Class  - Mom + Me


Try it - I promise:  You and your child (or grandchild)  will LOVE the creative experience of SEWING!  I've priced this class to INCLUDE supplies for most projects.  Come...make some gifts and SAVE $$ PLUS give 'from the heart' this coming Christmas season. 


2 .5 hours for a Mom, Aunt or Grandma + a child INCLUDES most supplies (including fabric!) for simple projects to learn to sew!  

Call Londa at 217-369-4687 to schedule. 

Projects:  There are MANY from which to select:  Hair Accessories, Pillows, Pillowcase, Zipper Bag... 
This needs to be decided BEFORE  the class so that you can bring appropriate supplies if needed, or so that I can have them ready for you.  Supplies for most projects Included whenever possible from Mrs. Londa's great STASH!  Here are some ideas... 

  • Flip & Stitch Quilted Potholder - makes a GREAT Teacher Gift! 
  • Cosmetic Zipper Bag (each of you create a bag as you are BOTH placed at sewing machines in Londa's Sunroom Sewing Studio).  
  • Jeans - upcycled into lots of 'good stuff'!  A Project of your choice with Ms Londa's agreement - MANY to chose from! 


  • Supplies are included for most smaller projects.    If necessary, a Supply list for fabric I may not have for project planned will be provided once project is selected. 

Skill Level:

Beginners 3rd grade and older is the best age

Materials are generally included:


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