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Londa's Sewing Videos

How to Set In Sleeves with Only 6 pins! 

It's Sew Easy TV

Managing Bulk:Elastic: Hemming Knits It's Sew Easy TV

Master Serger Threading with  Londa's 3 Hints - It's Sew Easy TV 

Londa's Tips for Balancing the Armhole on Sewing Patterns - from DVD Set: Stretching Your Knit Sewing Know-How

View the FUN and learning at kids classes at Londa's Sunroom Sewing Studio-Jackson, TN

Cascading necklines AND hems - learn it all here.  Pattern for Cascading hemlines is found in Twin Set Tweaks

I share how I shortened a ponte knit dress with back vent for a friend - including how to change the vent (now too short) to a slit.  

This video will teach you all you need to know about inserting Sport Elastic with this professional stitched through appearance.  

This new video (July, 2019) will explain all you need to know (and MORE!) regarding threading a sewing machine. 

UP-Cycle Sewing with Sweaters -

It's Sew Easy TV

Up-Cycle knit tops - even Men's sport shirts - into great tops for yourself.  I call these Memento Tops. 

Couching - my FAVORITE embellishment.  View to see how EZ it is! 

Which thread to use on different fabrics...if this has been a mystery, this video should make it crystal clear.  

I teach you how to use the positioning of your needle feature on your sewing machine to create arrow straight topstitching.  Also - show you Jeans Stitch Thread that I carry here on my website. Link:

Some GREAT sewing notions are absolutely FREE.  Hear me share my favorites and see how to use them. 

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