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Creative Sewing


* Londa's Personal Shopping Service
* Sewing Instruction & Retreats in Jackson,



















      See how FUN and Creative sewing 'Londa's Way' can be! 



  • Unique, helpful sewing and quilting notions delivered with my quick, personal service.  Bulk discounts are available on thread, needles, and more.  


  • Friendly, personal service and quickly-answered sewing questions make Londa's Creative Sewing your 'GO-TO' source for everything sewing. Read Testimonials HERE.


  • Sewing Instruction and Sewing Escape Retreats for ALL ages at the Sunroom Sewing Studio in Jackson, TN.  For current Studio information, click HERE. 


  • Now at rock bottom ridiculously-low pricing, I offer wearable art clothing (both NEW and Up-Cycled), along with many of my pattern sample garments for sale.  To shop, click HERE.  Also find my creations at my Etsy Shop HERE .


  • Shipping & Refund Policy can be found HERE. 



Meet Londa

With my Home Economics degree from the University of Illinois, I have worked as an interior designer, managed a craft store, offered custom dressmaking services and sold fabrics from my home. I fell in love with heirloom sewing and launched a line of patterns for women within the heirloom industry. In 1990, that led to opening my retail fabric store and sewing machine dealership in Champaign, IL.  After 13 years, I switched to travel and teach nationally and to go totally E-commerce with my patterns, books, and unique notions.  In 2016 we re-located to Jackson, TN where I teach ALL ages to sew in my Sunroom Sewing Studio.  See my episodes on PBS' It's Sew Easy TV, starting with a few samples below.  For more, be sure to subscribe to my You-Tube Channel.

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It's time to 'move on' from retail sales - transitioning to only sewing instruction here at my Studio in the hills of West TN.   Therefore.... 

Watch some of Londa's video sessions
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