Take Londa Shopping with you to pick the PERFECT Sewing Machine or Serger

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Take Londa Shopping with you to pick the PERFECT Sewing Machine or Serger 


Your investment of $30 to take me along to shop for a showing machine can save you OODLES to keep you in a machine that will be perfect for YOU.  As a past sewing machine dealer myself, I can help you zero in on your needs and what you'd like to 'grow' into, all with YOUR budget in mind.  

Whether for yourself, for your wife, or your child....you need to make the right decision on the most important piece of equipment - the MACHINE.  


The PDF you will be sent is just necessary in order for tax and shipping not to be added to your purchase.  

I will call you upon your 'order' to set up a mutually-convenient shopping time 


Just give me a call at 217-369-4687 and we can set that time, and you can pay me in cash when we go shopping.   


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