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Vacation Inspiration

The Hydrangeas were AMAZING, BREATHTAKING, HEAVENLY, EVERY COLOR – EVERY WHERE.  They said all the rain they had this spring contributed.  The BEST part of vacation – next to visiting my cousin! Her hubby is a scallop fisherman – now THAT was interesting! I even made myself try Steamers and Clams.  Once is enough…thank you!

Inspiration from a ceiling – I think in the Libary in Boston.  This will be design inspiration for free motion or couching … something on one of my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets!

99% of library patrons sat laptops or ipads.  WHY were they in the library is what I want to know. Oh yea – perhaps the aura of learning.

Sunset the first night in Provincetown.  It set SO quickly!!!  Sunsets and the ocean..always put me in my place in relationship to God.  I find it so easy to get so ‘into’ ones one life – the minutia…that unless we spend time in God’s word DAILY, the ME gets way, way to big.

This guy was a dichotomy in eras – an Indian from when settlers first arrived, and dressed as such – in a power chair.  Good for him!  Working – sharing – celebrating his heritage.  Each character at Plimoth Village IS and STAYS in character!  Really educational.

Texture of stacked bark off trees – bound to be roof of their ‘homes’.

 Don’t tell me that wallpaper is anything new!

Women have always worked with their hands to create something of beauty – I forget what fibers this gal was using – but they were from nature.

This settler woman was roll-hemming a kerchief for her husband.  Linen fabric – linen thread.  And we think WE don’t have time to sew!!!!

Whale Bone – scrimshaw it is called.  Whale bone was also used in corsets for the ‘boning’.  Duhhh The first is a beautiful basket.  The 2nd is the contraption that you use to wind a ball of yarn from a skein of yarn.  I forget what is called – anyone?

And if you think there is such a think as ‘junk’… think again.  On the island of Nantucket in one of the gallery windows, we saw this!  I wish I had written down amazing artist – but alas, no.   See what this artist transformed stuff like this into!  Taking a photo let me ‘see’ it in from a different vantage point – a trick I’m finding useful in wearable art garment design – take a photo, then look at the photo for a different ‘view’ that is VERY revealing. Also – on Nantucket – I FINALLY found a fabric store!   Here is what I added to my ‘Library’ of fabrics… ‘Visual Resource Center’ a customer once cleverly called her stash!

This reversible texture with a GREAT selvage and a wonderful stripe – that I can seam, cut, piece, and bias strip in many ways is very rich and wonderful and ‘in’ color scheme on the Brown USA Comfort Color Sweatshirt.

This is a 92” x 72” antique tablecloth.  Wish I knew lace to know the type – JoAnne, I’ll be emailing you for your ID of it!

Anyway – on brown, cut up, pieces, border – can’t WAIT to get started. SEW… Comment to let me know what YOU have found on your travels to add to your stash or inspire you! 

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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