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Mrs. Kate: Creative Singer & Sewist

Updated: May 26, 2022

What a delightful surprise we had when we last visited the kids & grandkids up in IN, when we met our host family through the Candle in the Window Christian hospitality network! Not only were this couple delightful Christian people, but I was delighted to find Mrs. Kate to be an avid and self-driven quilter. I knew the minute I walked up to the front door that likely a fellow seamstress lived within.

Mrs. Kate showed me more of her original idea (and OF COURSE, she has different versions for different seasons). As I recall, there were hooks and loops at the upper edge, and then the velcro as she is showing in the picture below to secure the lower edge. I truly had never seen this front door treatment before. As she shared, she wanted to add color and flare to her front entrance, without covering up the beautiful leaded windows. She explained to me that she loves to do what she calls: PLUNDER QUILTING


“Forty years later, I now have a chest and 3 totes full of fabric. Tons of scraps. Somewhere along the line I began what I call “Plunder Quilting.” I choose a color scheme and begin plundering through my totes, grabbing any little piece that fits my color recipe. Once I have a basket full of these scraps of all shapes and sizes, I thread up my machine, heat up my iron and begin matching pieces together.”

To read Kate’s complete ‘How-To’s on Plunder Quilting, click on the link below.


Getting to know Mrs. Kate and hubby Tim included a personal guitar/banjo/harmonica concert in their living room. What a zest for life and love for Jesus these two have! Get to know Mrs. Kate at her website HERE.

Read more and treat yourself to more listening and viewing of Kate’s creativity at my New Blog where I regularly post. Click HERE.

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