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When Life Turns Upside Down

Updated: May 26, 2022

I generally run a mile-a-minute, but I’ve concluded that God needed to slow me down….

These days, I find myself with my right shoulder broken in 2 places, and the top crushed as a result of getting my feet tangled up in orange construction fencing laying on the ground at a concert we attended our 49th Anniversary Weekend. It goes without saying that I am right-handed. While I’m grateful no surgery is indicated, a 6-8 week healing time likely followed by physical therapy for a frozen shoulder is a VERY side-lining lesson for this gal.

My summer calendar included time in my flower garden each morning, filled Summer Sewing Camps for kids, private sewing students, daily Bible Study with Precepts and more conservative, Christian activities than you can imagine.

Visits to see our kids (a full day’s drive away), and a sewing retreat in TX with my Sister are still on my Hope & Pray list for August.

Meanwhile, I’m learning MANY LESSONS, so now that I’m through the worse of the PAIN and on just Tylenol, my mind is clear and with my laptop placed just right on my lap, I am grateful for long fingers that can actually type almost regularly.

This experience is not for the light of heart, and as I said – I’m learning OH SO MUCH, so I’ve assembled a list to share with ya’ll.



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