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Touching Travel Sentiment & Londa’s Lodging Tips

My sister (who travels ALOT in her work), warned me that I would quickly become a ‘hotel snob’.  Well, I pray I will never be a ‘snob’, but I certainly have to admit that I am more and more discerning regarding hotels, cleanliness, etc.

As vacation/summer/travel time for many will be coming nearer with the summer months, I just thought I’d share some qualities that I’ve found very helpful. they are…..

1.  When rooming with other women – it really helps if you can find a room with the bathroom sink separate from the commode/shower portion.  😉  I’ve most recently found this at Country Inn & Suites – newer ones.

2.  When looking for the best price, I’ve had alot of luck with  Here is what I’ve learned:

  1. If you bid for the lowest price…

  2. start VERY low – like around $35 – and fewer areas – and only 1 star level, as when you don’t get your first bid, you have to change at least one of those designations.  Doing it this way gives you more tries.  I personally stay at 2 stars at least – and prefer 2 1/2 stars.  Keep in mind the money that a FREE breakfast will provide!

  3. If you get your bid – call very soon to verify and request smoking/non-smoking (don’t assume all are non-smoking) and your bed(s) preference.

  4. I immediately put the hotel info into my iphone – since I don’t lose my iphone like I do slips of paper.

  5. Realize the later you wait to bid the more likely you’ll get a really low price, but do NOT wait til 3 pm or later – they don’t take reservations for that day any later than 3.

  6. The budget deals at Priceline are pretty good too.

3. When I really want to treat myself, I do Hampton Inn.

4.  Expensive, inner city hotels are a rip-off IMHO.  I find I often have to pay for parking and ALSO for breakfast – which is often at least $8.95 – $12.95 for the same thing (or less) than a Hampton breakfast.

5.  I have a wonderful new son-in-law who has had in the past a job cleaning apartments for new tenants, and he is VERY knowledgeable about bed bugs.  He shares that they are rampant, and therefore suggests:

  1. Always check the bed – around the edges, under the sheets.  Run a hair dryer around and any present will jump – at which point you can complain.  That is one reason I have started to travel with a 9′ extension cord (which comes in helpful as well, just to get electricity where I need it – for computer, charging phone, hair-fixins when bathroom is occupied…).  Also, his warning have me less likely to lay clothing on any ‘soft surface’ where bed bugs might be.

6.  The Choice Hotel group is also one I frequent for more low-medium pricing.  Especially Comfort Inn & Suites seem quite OK.  On my last trip, I found the following sentiment on a card on the bedside table – which was really quite nice. Honestly, it meant alot to me as I was at the end of quite long series of trips. I feel sharing it with their guests is just the kind of thing – the kind of human caring that our country needs a good dose of these days, and share it in that spirit.

7.  If you plan on doing any real computer internet work, don’t get fooled into thinking that the ‘FREE INTERNET’ will be worth much – it is generally so slow, it is worthless – at least that is what I’ve found when it comes to website maintenance.  Some have the option of ‘upgrading’ to a higher level of internet service – so gee wiz, suddenly it isn’t ‘free’ any longer.

8.  When there are signs about saving water and energy by hanging your towels to indicate you can use them again, frequently the maids will take them and set out new towels anyway.  Duhhh – what sense does that make?  We have reported to this to management .

On my last trip – I found this on the bedside table at a Comfort Inn – – quite a pleasant surprise.