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Tools & Techniques for the Alabama Chanin ‘Look’: Part VI

The Tools and Techniques developed by Natalie Chanin are a wonderful blend. So much of all this is a delightful ‘twist’ on what I’ve known in my creative past.  What intrigued me from the beginning was the stenciling.  Years ago, I had Diane Ericson to my retail storefront and I fell in love with her ‘brand’ of surface design.  Visits and teaching from Diane, her late mother, Lois Ericson, and Marcy Tilton all profoundly added immensely to my personal repertoire of creative sewing.  When packing for our big ‘MOVE’ from IL to TN, my collection of stencils and paints received special care and await future creative sewing fun.


Diane Ericson surface embellishment