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Elvis Fashion Fun

Elvis is known for his music - but also as a Fashion Icon - an 'Influencer' before that word was invented! Six years after moving to Jackson, just 1 hour from Memphis, we finally got to Graceland last Saturday and the real treat to me was the museum portion that included his show clothes!!!

I thought this picture below and the quote over it was interesting. I wish I knew which young boy is Elvis... If you know - please share in COMMENTS below.

Elvis wore - LOTS of jumpsuits! The majority of them were fashioned of a white stretch gabardine fabric. To me, that means they were likely polyester with some Lycra for more stretch since they were a gabardine weave. Here is a closeup that shows the fabric out of which most ALL of the white jumpsuits were made.

The Designer was Bill Belew, and I'm sharing next some shots that I took with facts about Belew as a designer and the Elvis 'look'.

Common Design Features Are...?

Don't miss the reason for the WHITE as explained in the last image above....

This room of 2 full walls of jumpsuit displays was..... amazing!