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Double Welt Buttonhole Pockets

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

While up-cycling a denim jacket for one of my Elvis Collection pieces this week, I actually had to go dig in my garage for my sample box of tailored pockets in order to refresh my memory on EXACTLY how I finally perfected the Double Welt Buttonhole Pocket. Gheesh - having to do that sure made me feel old! Anyway - here's a closeup of one of the 3 welt pockets I just RE-DID on the Elvis Coat (to be put up for sale real soon). Once I refreshed my mind on the how-to's, I can tell you for sure that ripping out the original red/green flannel plaid welts was FAR more difficult.

One night, in the midst of doing this jacket, I dreamt that I'd put those welts on the right side with FOLDED edges together - EEEKS! I would have been ahead if I'd just have gone out to the Studio to double check. Thankfully, I HAD put them on correctly.

I was reminded AGAIN how VERY precise one must be when doing these pockets. In the image above, center pic, note that the top row is one stitch shy of the end vertical line, and the bottom row of stitching is one stitch over the end vertical. Believe me, that was FIXED before proceeding to the cutting step!

OK - back then to the original post of my method for Double Welt Pockets, posted back in 2016.