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Shopping 4 Fabrics ONLINE – Londa Recommends

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Here are my FAVORITE online fabric sources since finding a good FABRIC STORE with more than just cotton quilting fabric is almost impossible these days.  Sew….if you want FINE FASHION FABRICS, I suggest you shop these:

Marcy Tilton 

Her fabric selection makes my heart go pitter patter.  Honestly, I can only resist because I’m frugal (hubby says I’m tight), and I must admit that I have 2 closets (well…make that 3) full of clothes, (plus we moved 2 years ago, so many haven’t even seen the light of day with my new friends!).  CURRENT SALE – see below!

sample fabrics at marcy tilton

WHY do I LOVE her fabrics?

  1.  Marcy has great fabric taste! The rare and the beautiful, the European influence…. the ‘mixers’ – everything is breath-taking IMHO.

  2. There is a beautiful VARIETY.

  3. The fabric descriptions are accurate with respect to textile terminology, and recently when a knit wasn’t described as a single knit or a double knit, I promptly got her response via email answering my question.

  4. Photography of knits is consistent, and tells you OH SEW much about each fabric’s drape, etc.  See the picture below.  As you click on the other fabric ‘views’, each one will become the LARGE view.  On top of that, Marcy writes the descriptions, suggesting patterns (of course, hers), but that gives you an idea of the style appropriate for the fabric….

  5. If you MUST feel the fabric, YES, swatching (up to 5) is available.  Click HERE.  (Tell her Londa sent you!)

marcy tilton photography of fabrics


  1.  Fabrics are priced PER HALF YARD – so don’t think they are inexpensive.  Rather, I feel they are fairly priced for their quality.  I feel – and definitely have experienced ever since I sold Leiter’s Designer Fabrics from my home WAYYYYY back, and then as a fine fabric shop owner myself for 13 years, then for awhile online too… that the MORE I PAY FOR A FABRIC, the better I end up liking what I make.  WHY?  Because I’m more careful with how I decide to make it.  I take more care in sewing it.  Sewing with good fabric is EASIER and MORE FUN!  You should ENJOY THE PROCESS of sewing.  If you just wanted clothes – you’d likely just go buy them, right?  It IS true:  You get what you pay for.  Don’t compare what you will end up with in making a garment with what you can go buy at Kohl’s.  You are creating DESIGNER quality garments – HAND-tailored!

  2. Signing up for her newsletter will treat you to visual candy several times per week.  I always love just going to look – and looking is free!

Elliott Berman Textiles 

While Marcy’s website and presentation is a feast for the eyes…you won’t find that ‘eye candy’ big presentation at Elliott Berman, but I can tell you that the fabrics are top quality and that there are MANY  to chose from.  I bought from Elliott Berman for my shop and I was never disappointed.  Top-quality fabrics!

Like Marcy, Elliott Berman will swatch 3-5 fabrics for those of you who must feel before you buy.  Click HERE. 

Below is a screenshot of a ‘page’ of the online store.  Clicking on a fabric will bring up more details.

screenshot of Elliott Berman Online Fabric Store

Below is a representative sample of what you would see when you click on an image of a fabric you like …..

individual fabric listing

enlarged different draping photo of fabric

What are YOUR favorite online fabric stores?  Comment below to share with others who read my blog.  Be sure to say WHY you like that source!  


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