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Learn How Fabric is Made

Updated: May 27, 2022

I’ve found a few quick yet informative videos to help you understand how fabric is made and printed. I wrote this for my sewing students in a newsletter, but thought my Blog followers would enjoy as well….

For a more complete ‘education’ on fibers, types of fabrics – names, etc., I’ve put together A PDF ‘class’ TEXTILES FOR THE SEAMSTRESS‘. Purchase that 'class' via PDF that I wrote at this link HERE.

Natural, God-Created Fibers are Cotton, Linen, Silk and Wool. Learn how they get from God's plant to your closet as fabric.

How Cotton is made. Click HERE.

How Linen is made. Click HERE.

How Silk is made. Click HERE.

How Wool is made. Click HERE.

And now that I have you 'hooked', venture onto some even more interesting videos:

How Fabric is Printed. Click HERE

How Denim fabric is made. Click HERE.

How Denim is distressed - therefore costs MORE. Click HERE.


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