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Sewing Superstitions

  1. If you’re pined to your slip during a fitting, you’ll enjoy wearing the dress.

  2. If you drop a needle or pin and it lands eye or head up, you’ll have good luck; if it lands point up, you’re destined for tragedy.

  3. If you borrow pins, never return them to avoid catastrophe.

  4. if you drop a pair of scissors on the floor, it’s bad luck – unless you step o them before picking them up  If the scissors fall with the points down, it means the dressmaker will be receiving more work.  If the scissors stick in the floor on only one point, it’s a sign of death.

  5. If you drop scissors on a Sunday expect a strange visitor.

  6. A shirt sewn during the dark of the moon will creep up and out of the wearer’s trousers.  To avoid this problem, put sugar in your shoes.

  7. Step in the dirt, you’ll tear your father’s shirt.”

  8. A British tailor carries a thimble in his pocket for good luck.

  9. If a sewer dies before finishing a garment, the garment should be cut up, burned and never allowed to be worn.

  10. if you accidentally put on a garment wrong side out or backwards, it will protect you from getting lost.  To avoid bad luck, don’t correct this error on the same day unless you say “bread and butter” before reversing the garment.

  11. Never leave a sewing machine open during a lightening storm, or lightening will strike the house.

Hummm glad these aren’t facts! Especially the one about if the sewer die before finishing a garment – does that apply to one’s fabric stash????

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