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Reading Recommendations

Never have had a TV in our bedroom – we both read every night to go to sleep – and whenever I’ve ‘had it’ with either the computer (usually) or sewing (though rarely!), I just escape into my ‘other world’ reading.

Just finished Neta Jackson’s first book in her new House of Hope series – Where Do I Go? This is a sequel to her YaDa YaDa series of books… It was just wonderful – and very convicting to me personally of how I look at homeless people, and what God is calling me to do with the time I have to be ‘the feet of Jesus’…especially when family demands on my time lessen later this year. I can not recommend Neta Jackson’s books highly enough. Along with Karen Kingsbury, I have never been more influenced regarding my role in our current world than by these 2 authors. Neta’s website is here:

I think I recommended The Shack earlier this year – if not, I sure do. I use it – and thinking carefully about the theologically correct (my pastor says so too) ideas presented in it about how God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit ‘see’ things. It also has a website you’d find interesting… I used this book as 6 gifts at Christmas time. Say enough?

The other novel I finished recently is totally different – about a group of women pioneers going west – by Jane kirkpatrick, it is All Together in One Place. I’ve never read many western type things, but this one really gave me a new appreciation for all of my creature comforts – that’s for sure! Would be a good read for any spoiled teenager of Gen-X’er!

AND – last but not least, Do The Right Thing by Mike Huckabee. The true picture this is giving me of our ‘leadeers’ in Washington D.C. makes me sick to my stomach and madder than a jack rabbit. The stories of his campaign, intermingled with his life and political philosophies help me go to sleep at night in these troubling times. That – and feeling secure in God’s love for us all who believe in Him. I’m praying that this outstanding man of God continues to persist, and perhaps becomes the next Republican Presidential candidate. Regardless of your political leanings, just read it – or watch Huckabee on Fox News at 10 on Sunday nights, and see if you don’t agree. A breath of fresh, honest, upright air – and believe me, here in Illinois, that is sorely needed!

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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