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Nothing to Do with Sewing - but My 2nd Passion

I'm an avid reader - and have found that when I cannot sleep, at any hour of the night, that grabbing my Kindle and reading can put me back to sleep - and my Kindle saves my place and I don't disturb my hubby by turning on a light! Sadly, often I wake up with my glasses on. Anyway...I committed to focusing primarily on reading historical Christian Biblical fiction in 2022, and I even kept track of them. I read devoured 45 books in all., with a couple more started and not completed.

Here's my list - and I can just say that especially these authors and fellow Christians: Mesu Andrews, Lynn Austin and Angela Hunt are ones whom I hugely respect for their holding to Biblical truth and spirit, and with their God-given creativity and extensive historical research, have written wonderful books that make God's Word even more rich for me. If you've never read any historical Biblical Fiction, I pray you give it a chance this year. Many I read for free through the Libby App.

I compiled the book of my 2022 books in my daily planner and typed it out for you. Find it HERE.

Download PDF • 61KB

I also shared about my reading in a Blog Post in 2009 - check it out HERE. Again, in Sept of 2018, which you can find HERE.

So - there you have it - more of my 2nd passion - reading. Time to get something downloaded for starting tonight. If you haven't discovered inking your Library card to the Libby App, go do so - as it will save you lots of $$$... more for sewing.

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