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Londa's Favorite Book Authors

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I love Christian fiction books. I find they enrich and grow my faith. Many know Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers... - but there are other, really really good ones I've come to love and that have so enriched my spiritual walk. OK - Here are my favorite Christian Fiction authors you might not know of.... The biblical authors I read and share below all seem to be very well researched. Add the power of creativity that God has gifted these with - and, for me, reading them has made characters in the Bible come alive - in addition to helping me learn/appreciate the history.

Lynn Austin - Her Chronicles of the Kings -so so enriched the Old Testament for me. I can't say enough - read them ALL! Restoration Chronicles tells all about what exile really means, what it meant for families, and the rebuilding of the wall and return to Jerusalem - you really get to know Nehemiah. She has other really good historical novels - I've read them ALL. Civil War, coming to the New World, .... this list goes on and on.