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Londa's Favorite Book Authors

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I love Christian fiction books. I find they enrich and grow my faith. Many know Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers... - but there are other, really really good ones I've come to love and that have so enriched my spiritual walk. OK - Here are my favorite Christian Fiction authors you might not know of.... The biblical authors I read and share below all seem to be very well researched. Add the power of creativity that God has gifted these with - and, for me, reading them has made characters in the Bible come alive - in addition to helping me learn/appreciate the history.

Lynn Austin - Her Chronicles of the Kings -so so enriched the Old Testament for me. I can't say enough - read them ALL! Restoration Chronicles tells all about what exile really means, what it meant for families, and the rebuilding of the wall and return to Jerusalem - you really get to know Nehemiah. She has other really good historical novels - I've read them ALL. Civil War, coming to the New World, .... this list goes on and on.

Whenever she comes out with something new - I have to read it - just HAVE to! Pilgrimage is great for anyone battling depression, and if you are going to Israel, or if you have been. Beautiful!

Mesu Andrews Love's Sacred Song - the one I just finished about King Solomon from viewpoint of a wife. Love Amid the Ashes - Job. I want to re-read it along with a current study on Job our women's bible study is doing by Lisa Harper. Her book on Miriam is especially good as well. I see that she speaks - would be amazingly wonderful if we were to have an occasional big event...

Be sure to sign up for Mesu's newsletter emails. I find them refreshing and I love reading things about life from a good author's point of view.

Tessa Afshar Another very good author. First book of hers I read was Pearl in the Sand. I've also read Harvest of Rubies and In the Field of Grace (Ruth)

Neta Jackson - from the Chicago Area. Wrote Yada Yada Sisterhood She and her husband write together. He was the friend of a past pastor of mine... we always wanted to have Neta come to the church to speak, but it just never happened. Hers are not biblical fiction, but rather really good modern day Christian fiction. WONDERFUL!

Dee Henderson It's been awhile since I've read her mysteries, but they are really good. I learned what would really happen to our country if we were attacked with an EMP. Riveting! Suspense

Bodie and Brock Thoene Brock is the historian and Bodie is the writer. Just finished The Zion Covenant and Zion Chronicles (12 books I think!) so now I really understand the cause of WW2 and the founding of Israel. A new heart for the Jewish people - for SURE! Their biblical series : First Light - 2nd Dawn..... are WONDERFUL! Uh oh - I see some new ones that I haven't read.....

Then there's some men authors I cherish as well.....

Chris Fabry - I've listened to Chris on Moody Radio for years while I stitch and create. He wrote the War Room novel for the brothers who made the movie. He has a great 2 hour talk show = now I listen to him on Podcast. He is a very rich, talented author. Try June Bug to get started - and you'll be hooked.

Randy Alcorn I don't think I would have gotten through the loss of my big brother in June 2011, them my Mom in March 2012 and Daddy in July 2012 if I hadn't been reading/studying Heaven by Randy. I've shared it with many in mourning since then. He writes nonfiction and fiction. Fiction I've read and enjoyed: Deadline, Deception, Dominion

Joel Rosenberg Joel writes as a Messianic Jew who REALLY knows the Middle East. He is council to the Presidents. You may have seen him interviewed on Fox News - or even 'main stream' media. His novels are current political situation/mystery/adventure - keep you on the edge of your seat!

Robert Whitlow Robert is mystery and adventure - and a lawyer, so you learn alot about that world. A VERY good author. He digs into the ethics of our day. Books are set in the South. He lives in NC. Not necessarily Christian, but clean, good reading.

Fulton Oursler Old, old books - fictionalized Bible. Found on my father-in-law's bookshelf, these are great - and started me in real Bible Study. Greatest Story Ever Told - Old Testament; Greatest Faith Ever Written (story of Jesus), and another one on Paul which I gave to my Grandson, so I can't remember or go to the shelf to find the name of that one, but it is all about Paul's Missionary journeys and truly brings them alive!

Walter Wangerin The Book of God - Bible in story form. Paul A Novel - VERY good!

That's a taste of my reading of the last 40+ years - add in some Karen Kingsbury ,Glenn Beck, and the Killing of.... series by Bill O'Reilly, and some more non-fiction. I would READ day and night if I could, but alas, it is my 'go to sleep' pill. And...the Bible for study. I really do find that the Biblical historical fiction leads me back to the Bible with a more creative mind - and I also go back to the Bible and research some myself to see if the author's creativity has Biblical basis. Usually, the good authors give the 'facts' clearly at the end of a book - I've learned to read that first.

Once I 'get into' an author, I like to read all of their books, in order. I find it richer that way. Oh - and one more: Follow the River by James Alexander- very insightful during 1860’s.

Please comment to share YOUR Favorite authors! I can't to read some of your favorites. SHARE this post with others you know who would appreciate my list of GOOD BOOKS.

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