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Sewing in the Bible

During my One-Year Bible reading this morning - in Exodus, I was reading about the Tabernacle and Priestly garments.Exodus 39:1 through Exodus 40:38

This video on the priest's garments was VERY informative, so I share it with ya'll as well on this Valentine's Day.

God utilized needle arts from the beginning - actually the VERY beginning, when God himself clothed Adam and Eve: "and the Lord God clothed Adam and his wife with garments made from skins of animals." Gen. 3:21

Here is that well-done video about the priestly garments:

Also - the tabernacle itself - transportable - intrigued me, so I found this website with good diagrams AND video that helped me 'picture' it all...

I pray these videos will bless you - and give honor to your sewing skills.


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