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Memento Soft Doll Sewing ProjectS

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

It was both lots of fun and an honor to create these 3 soft dolls for the grandchildren of a friend of mine who recently passed on to live with our Lord.  I used clothing of hers specially selected by her husband for this purpose.  The pattern is one I used before:  available at ETSY, the Poppy Dolly.  Click HERE to purchase the pattern like I did.

Memento Soft Dolls

Since my ‘To Do’ list included making a doll for my #2 Granddaughter, Hadasah, I decided to mass-produce her doll as well as the other thee while I was at it.  Here is her doll – which she’ll be getting for her big 2nd birthday coming up in July.

Hadasah’s Doll

Previous Post Using the Same Pattern

I first used this pattern for # 1 Granddaughter and blogged on it back in 2017:  You can read all those details at THIS LINK.

Honestly, I wish I had taken the time to go back and re-read my blog post myself!  If I had, I’d be happier with the faces of the 3 gift Memento dolls.  Here’s a close-up of a face.  You can see that with just a single layer fabric used for the face, you can see the ends of the embroidery floss hanging around on the backside, but I couldn’t safely cut any closer.  I had to just tell myself that (as usual) the creator sees things that few others will ever notice!