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Kenzie’s Christmas Doll & Sleeping Bag Sewing How-To’s

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Just as my Grandma made me my ‘Lucy Doll’  – gee, about 63 years ago – this Christmas it was time to create a similar cloth doll for my own granddaughter.  I found this ‘Poppy’ doll pattern at Etsy – ran it by my daughter for approval, and it was a ‘GO’.  HERE is a link to purchasing that pattern for yourself.

poppy doll pattern
New Lucy Doll

Here’s my (ancient, original) ‘Lucy’ doll.  Well-loved and with amputated (but available) legs, she is certainly a ‘doll of the past’, but I love her old-fashioned, Grandma-stitched embroidered face.If you could see her up close, you’d see water marks from lots of kisses!

Londa's Lucy Doll

Face Details

face close-up

Window Light Box for Face Tracing

The directions do suggest the use of a light box, but I find a window works fine.