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Ironing Hints & New Handi-Iron Portable Travel Iron

For fusibles stuck to the soleplate…

1.  First try running the hot iron over an unscented softener sheet, then run the iron over a scrap of cotton fabric to clean off the loosened gunk.


2.  Line the bottom of a disposable pan with paper towels.  Saturate the towels with rubbing alcohol.  Sit the cold,  unplugged iron on the towels.  Remove iron after 30 min.  After alcohol has evaporated form the soleplate, the gunk should wipe off.


3.  Use Iron Off – I keep a tube and an old rag in my pressing stuff in my sewing studio.  But, it stinks.  I’ll never forget when my Mother used it at my first storefront when we were doing custom sewing, and used so much that the fumes set off the fire alarm and the firetrucks came!  🙂

If steam vents are clogged or spitting brown residue…

Pour equal parts of white vinegar and water into the iron and let it steam for five minutes.  Empty the solution and replace it with several rinses of water.  When heating up the iron for the first time afterwards, run it over scaps to get rid of any lurking sediment.

Iron sluggish?

Run warm iron over wax paper – just liking waxing slides on a sled!

NEW IRON for quick press as you sew… HANDI-IRON

Handi-Iron portable travel iron

Handi-Iron Portable Travel Iron

I just became acquainted with this at the Kansas City Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, and promptly ordered one in for stock.  I put it up on my website just now… and marked it at an introductory price of $35.95 – saving you $4 off the $39.95 price.  This portable iron is lightweight (under 10 oz.), and folds quickly for ez storage or travel, and can even be converted to a hot plate/heated pallet.  The non-stick coated sole is good for fabric, hot wax art, polymet clay, sewing, crafts and more.  110/120V and 220/240V.

I LUV my Oliso Iron!

Until I purchased my Oliso, I really just went through about 1 iron per year…and I mean irons I spent approx $150 on.  As an avid seamstress, I just accept this as a cost of my passion!  Anyway – at a show, I invested in an Olis0 – the iron with feet that lifts it from the ironing surface when not using.  I LOVE this iron!  I’m now well over a year and a half with this iron.  I can say that it’s a bit dangerous for me to use other irons – as I am now trained to not lift the iron on hits heel when re-positioning my garment or project, so it’s EZ for me to burn a hole in the ironing surface as I let the iron set there!

I do carry one of the Oliso Irons – just $159 instead of $179.

Click HERE. to order yours – you deserve it!


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