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Fall Fashion Finds + Londa’s thoughts and How-To’s

OK – I’ve been browsing…through Fashion Magazines and mailers that have caught my eye. I learned from Sandra Betzina years ago to just scan through magazines looking for the common ideas – and here is what I’ve come up with for Fall Fashion Trends for 2010

  1. Big Bulky Tops – Chunk Knits – paired with straight, slim skinny bottoms (WHO looks good in skinny bottoms, is what I wanna know – I’ll keep my boot cut and straight leg pant style, thank you!) Anyway – here’s some photos…

At least it seems the skiinny pants are usually black, and focus is near the face with cowls, jewelry, etc.

  1. Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles – EVERYWHERE – from on coats to jackets to boots to purses…here’s the proof – and most of the time these are circular ruffles – so you just cut circles, cut into the center, cut a smaller circle, stay stitch the inner circle edge, clip to stay stitching to make what is round be straight – and stitch them in – on – whatever. FUN!

Ruffled purses are cute – but not gathering attention at MY hips, thank you! Lovely to look at – not sure about attractiveness as carried though – and last? You try – not me.

  1. Large face-framing collars on coats, jackets, etc….. ala my Chosen

pattern for jackets made from sweatshirts! I LOVE this white collar – and you’ll see it and some different versions of it on a new pattern of mine next year!

Check out the HUGE lapel on this coat! Get out that topstitching needle, and even play with 2 heavy threads in the Schmetz Double Eye Needle! OR the Topstitching Needle. Remember – Schmetz needlesare 25% off at my website!

  1. Zippers Zippers Zippers!!! See them

up the edge of this double-breasted jacket and extending into the lapel – I love it!I’m personally amazed at the amount of sewing that is going into these garments! At least we can appreciate it all – and decide what makes sense to sew – and what make sense to BUY!

Can’t wait to try to figure out how to take some zipper by the inch and turn it into this spectacular zipper flower necklace – below, upper right photo!

Note then too the zipper insert piping type application on the dress to the left. Personally – for most of us, I’d stick zipper piping into some flattering VERTICAL lines….. I’m fighting Blogger today – why is this underlining? onto another post for more photos and comments….. Please COMMENT – share what YOU THINK!!!

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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