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Fall Fashion Finds + Londa’s thoughts and How-To’s

OK – I’ve been browsing…through Fashion Magazines and mailers that have caught my eye. I learned from Sandra Betzina years ago to just scan through magazines looking for the common ideas – and here is what I’ve come up with for Fall Fashion Trends for 2010

  1. Big Bulky Tops – Chunk Knits – paired with straight, slim skinny bottoms (WHO looks good in skinny bottoms, is what I wanna know – I’ll keep my boot cut and straight leg pant style, thank you!) Anyway – here’s some photos…

  1. Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles – EVERYWHERE – from on coats to jackets to boots to purses…here’s the proof – and most of the time these are circular ruffles – so you just cut circles, cut into the center, cut a smaller circle, stay stitch the inner circle edge, clip to stay stitching to make what is round be straight – and stitch them in – on – whatever. FUN!

Personally – I think the ruffle – which extends and turns into the flower on the lapel – is just too cute, but I’d put it on the other lapel, and forget the belt, and carry through the black onto the braid or topstitching on the lapel…but that’s just me.

Ruffled purses are cute – but not gathering attention at MY hips, thank you! Lovely to look at – not sure about attractiveness as carried though – and last? You try – not me.

ss above The aqua teal dress above to the left appears to have circular ruffles stitched into the side seams – OK if you’re skinny – otherwise – how about at the shoulder seams to create a wider shoulder therefore skinnier bottom? Do LUV that color on the red head model though! Look closely at the plaid black and white jacket – pairing a sheer polka dot ruffle on top of what appears to be a fringed self fabric trim.

While the other photos have used ruffles right INTO the construction seams, it appears the ruffles on this purple vest are added as embellishment. For this wide and full – allow at least 3 times length it will cover, and perhaps get out the serger to finish the edges first – THEN dig out that RUFFLER gadget which, though ancient, actually works AMAZINGLY well – giving the pleated effect you see here. Note the white blouse – I Blogged on that earlier ….

  1. Large face-framing collars on coats, jackets, etc….. ala my Chosen

pattern for jackets made from sweatshirts! I LOVE this white collar – and you’ll see it and some different versions of it on a new pattern of mine next year!

Check out the HUGE lapel on this coat! Get out that topstitching needle, and even play with 2 heavy threads in the Schmetz Double Eye Needle! OR the Topstitching Needle. Remember – Schmetz needlesare 25% off at my website!

  1. Zippers Zippers Zippers!!! See them

up the edge of this double-breasted jacket and extending into the lapel – I love it!I’m personally amazed at the amount of sewing that is going into these garments! At least we can appreciate it all – and decide what makes sense to sew – and what make sense to BUY!

Can’t wait to try to figure out how to take some zipper by the inch and turn it into this spectacular zipper flower necklace – below, upper right photo!

Note then too the zipper insert piping type application on the dress to the left. Personally – for most of us, I’d stick zipper piping into some flattering VERTICAL lines….. I’m fighting Blogger today – why is this underlining? onto another post for more photos and comments….. Please COMMENT – share what YOU THINK!!!

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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