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Don’t Miss: Nick Verreos

Nick Vereos on You-Tube

I recently stumbled on this great series on You-Tube, Fashion School with Nick Verreos, a past Project Runway winner.  I feel what he is offering on You-Tube is all done quite well, and is in essence, a great class on fashion draping.  In my mind, it is better than  Craftsy class on the same topic that I found so ‘dry’, I never finished watching it.  The only thing is, the book he recommends at the end:  Passion for Fashion, upon reading reviews, isn’t as informational as it is biographical.

You-Tube Channel Organization

I even find his categories (Playlists) and presentation of the body of material he has created for You-Tube to be extraordinary.

Below are images showing the categories, and the number on the black portion is how many videos are currently in that category or Playlist.  These themselves here on my post are NOT links.  Rather – go to Nick’s channel HERE