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Wedding Sewing Progress-Mother of Bride (me) and Bride

I’ve decided God must have been watching out for me that I didn’t go ahead and finish my dress earlier last fall when I got going on it after getting the (to me) lovely beaded silk chiffon floral print while I was in Houston. If I had – I’d realized way back then – and been worried all this time about the ‘CREATIVE OPPORTUNITY” before me! Can’t decide wich it is – either I didn’t cut the 2nd back skirt piece, OR I cut it and have lost it (NOT to be found – I assure you!), but I have only one of the skirt back pieces of the floral chiffon for my dress. It is Vogue 8150. I’m doing the center view as seen below. Well…..a version of it I suppose. The skirt is the shiny side of the crepe back satin that you see draped in the photo to the left – topped with a loose layer of the silk floral beaded chiffon. The neckline as it curves around my neck was a buggaboo…I realized quickly it would need to be stayed – and SURE GLAD I DID – as it still seems to buckle a bit on me – but I’m convincing myself that I’m being too picky. One has to move in a dress and it isn’t always picture perfect. I see things like that all the time in the fancy gowns on Hollywood award shows…..

Back to the skirt – Thankfully, I have enough of the chiffon to go around me – but the angles to the skirting that I do have – are kind of odd.

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