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Wedding Excitement & Sewing Boo-Boos

Here’s my smilin’, gorgeous bride-daughter at her wedding shower last Sunday. Many told her she looked like ‘Barbie’! Such fun…

Just have the hem left – and also hems and a few nips and tucks on the bridesmaids’ dresses. The finish I did on the tie back sash will work great on these dresses’ hems as well as this full hem…Here are the steps:

1. Stitch 5/8″ or so from the hem – single layer, regular length.

2. Roll the stitching just a hair to the wrong side. Stitch again, right on top of that stitching.

3. Trim CAREFULLY the excess hem allowance right up close to this stitching. I use an Applique Scissors for this task!

4. Roll one more time to the wrong side – stitching on top of the stitching once again.

So – you have actually 3 rows of stitching to accomplish this hem, but it works like a dream. Not a new technique – just one in my arsenal of tricks – and it should be in yours too.

Though I made some boo-boos, I got a new supply of ‘Conquer Mentality’ – an ‘upper’ I definitely needed. On top of that, watched some uplifting DVD’s as I sewed. Beautiful day outside – so I’d gone on a walk to clear my head to start the day – and snatched some lilacs that I had at my sewing table enfusing the air with God’s magic. If I could carbon copy a day like that and give it to every woman, that would be a wonderful thing…

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