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Use for sweatshirt neck band!

A creative student proved me wrong….I always say I’ve never found a use for the neck ribbing of the sweatshirts as I create my Creative Sweatshirt Jackets. Well…while presenting a seminar/workshop at Fabrics Etc. 2 in Bensenville, IL last weekend, a clever student came to me with this rose! 1. Cut off the neck band from the sweatshirt. 2. Rotary cut off the seam allowance. 3. OPen it up so you have double the width. 4. Set a serger for a wide balanced stitch with decorative threads in upper and lower loopers. This was done with the WAVE STITCH on a BABYLOCK serger – which is a new wrinkle to me since my days of selling machines/sergers ended almost 8 years ago now! 5. Gather remaining end and twirl and stitch into a rosette. WALA……. WAY TO GO! Sorry I forget the name of the student who did it – Cindy perhaps?

Had lots of fun at this candy store of a quilt/machine shop! What a nice owner – Mary Forte, and her helpers/associates. If you’re ever in Chicagoland – don’t miss Fabrics Etc. 2 in Bensenville!

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