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Travel Pillow Wedding Gifts

Making gifts to give is just…the BEST!  Yes, I could have gone and bought my little sis and her new hubby some neck pillows for resting their wedding-tired heads on in route to Hawaii Honeymoon, but it was more fun to stitch them up sewing in some prayers and LOVE.

I helped my students make some of these for Christmas Gifts, and they loved making them as well.  Below are the pillows WITH handles for EZ carrying on luggage.  I loved picking out the fabrics:  soft soft fleece – the less furry, smoother type, at Jo-Ann’s:  the airplane one for her hubby and the floral in wedding colors for my sis.  She had borrowed pillows from her daughter but was thrilled with the gift.  I imagine they’ll make it to under a hut on a Hawaiian beach as well!

Here are a few quick How-To’s.