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Tickled Pink: My Featured Top in Altered Couture

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

My mail today was pretty exciting!  I opened an advance copy of Altered Couture Magazine that contains my up-cycled top as a feature article!  This Stampington magazine is ‘The Ultimate Guide for Artwear Enthusiasts” – which, I suppose I have become since this is my absolutely FAVORITE type of creative sewing.

Altered Couture Featured Article

The 2 piece knit top from the late 60’s was my late Mother’s, and the grey silk T belonged to my Dad.  It turned into the perfect garment to wear to my daughter’s wedding – and, in a sentimental way, made me feel like Mom and Dad were there with our family to see her marry the man of her dreams – a true answer to prayer.  I was touched when the magazine editor asked for a picture of my parents at their own wedding to include in the article.

I share much more about this creative process and the construction of this garment in my Blog Post HERE.  

My Advice

  1. SAVE SAVE SAVE garments, accessories, jewelry of those you love.

  2. ORGANIZE by color.

  3. COLLECT ideas.  Pinterest is great for this.  I actually print out pictures, categorize them, and put them on design boards for my own inspiration.  These serve as ‘jumpstart’ ideas when I start.  Below is the ‘collection’ and inspiration garment for this garment. 

Collection to start

  1. FILTER FILTER FILTER.  If in doubt, leave it OUT.  If it ‘jumps out’ as the light grey knit ‘yarn’ does in my collection, TAKE IT OUT.  Just because you collect items