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‘SHOP’ for Family & Team ‘Fabric’

As you are with family these coming weeks, don’t miss the chance to ‘shop’ unworn garments as ‘fabric’ for a new life. Especially when my parents passed, I latched onto some of their garments and then made them ‘new’ with UP-Cycle Sewing. These are some of my most treasured garments. Many I have already shared about in depth at older posts here at my blog, so I’ll add some pics of a few of them with links to the full posts below.

ALSO – as you travel, pick up T-Shirts or even Knit PJ Pants featuring your favorite TEAM, ‘seeing’ them as portions of a new top or jacket.

I've put together a class via ZOOM on how I do UP-Cycle Sewing like this. Find it HERE.

I'm offering it 3 times coming up in the next few weeks:

  1. Tues. 12/27/22 at 7 pm Central Standard Time

  2. Wed. 12/28/22 at 10 am Central Standard Time

  3. Sat. 1/7/23 at 1 pm Central Standard Time

The orange collar on this jacket is from a pair of TN Volunteer PJ Pants.

Read all about it at this link:

Team ‘PJ Pants’ Transformed into Jacket Collar

The flattering front hemline is from my Twin Set Tweaks Pattern

Stitching the ‘Inside to Outside Corner’ of the cascade hemline on the jacket is a bit tricky, but I have great directions in that Twin Set Tweaks pattern – available HERE as a PDF. which means you receive the pattern like NOW, and print it out yourself. This ‘cascade’ hemline is SO flattering to all figures and VERY popular. The pattern has NO PATTERN PIECES, but rather my great directions on HOW you can create this hemline on ANY pattern! I also featured this hemline in an episode I did for It’s Sew Easy TV – find it at my YouTube Channel HERE.

I’ve had lots of fun with SWEATERS – even ones that belonged to my Dad…

I also have a video on my YouTube Channel from an episode I did for It’s Sew Easy TV where I share many of my techniques for working with sweaters.

I think that gives you an idea. The main problem? Where to STORE all the new-found ‘fabric’! As I remember that I have two large plastic bins of sweaters in my garage waiting their chance for a new life in my studio, I must also tell you that storage in non-breathable plastic bins is NOT the best idea. Oh well……

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