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This n’ That of Interest to Sewers

While I’m away from the studio for some family visiting and hubby’s reunion (the BIGGIE!), I’ll be trying to slip in some time to share things I find of interest and think you will as well.

Digital Print Fabrics

The newest in textiles, these came in an email back in August from Elliot Berman Fabrics.  When I owned my fabric store (1990-2003), Elliot Berman was one of my favorite sources for the loveliest fabrics. HERE is a link to that newsletter. 

Eliot Berman Newsletter


FALL FASHION INFO from Paris via Marcy & Katherine Tilton

Their newsletter today(9-20) included this fashion info straight from Paris.

Katherine&Marcy Tilton

“The top colors of the season are mustard gold and deep saturated blue-green described as bleu canard, hunter green or British green – in fact all shades of green are more in evidence than I have seen in years.

Solid colors are a trend in stores, windows and on the street, in supple soft double faced Italian cashmere coats, unlined with finished edges and seams, sometimes reversible. 

Handwoven effect textures in coats, jackets even THE fashion shoe of the season – picture a white soled sneaker made in a nubby material that is like a Chanel tweed on steroids.

Our friend Martine returned from a visit to Galleries Lafayette, one of the big department stores, reporting that almost everything is decorated with embroidery, metallic or sparkling effects.

Plaids are all over, worn by both men and women. I’ve seen some fashionable men wearing plaid suits, yes, matching plaid in jacket and pants, and gorgeous oversized plaid and checked coats on both men and women.”

Seen in the Garden District of New Orleans

Back in August, I couldn’t help myself.  I HAD to investigate the ‘innards’ of these posh, heavy, beautiful silk dupioni drapes in the Women’s Restroom.

Outer drape appearance

Peeking underneath, I found: THREE layers.  

Flannel right underneath the silk.  Then a black cotton.  THEN the heavy sateen lining.  Talk about heavy and expensive as well! Anyway, it was interesting to peek.  I couldn’t help but wonder if I was probably the ONLY one to do so though!

At the World War II Museum, I LOVED this Collar Design


Isn’t this just delightfully feminine?  Look closely and see the tucks at the shoulder.  I REALLY want to use this design on something – soon!  In fact, as I write this – my mind is spinning that perhaps I’ll just do this collar on a new top I plan to get made for the hubby’s High School Class Reunion.  On that note, when I asked him what he was planning on wearing, he responded with a blank, confused look:  “Uhh…clothes I guess.”  Men!!!!!

When in New Orleans DON’T Miss MS Rau Antiques

MS Rau

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an amazing collection of OLD, and outstanding techniques.  Beyond description.  Don’t miss it!

Spool Art in the Window of an Art Gallery

I used to just toss all my plastic thread spools.  No more.  This collage/collection was really quite intriguing.  I envision this in one of my Studio Windows.

spool design

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