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Swimsuit Cover-Up

The inspiration garment…

At TJ Max – for $55!  I don’t think so…even though time = $, I ENJOY the process, so here’s my ‘tale’ of my new Swimsuit Cover-Up. …. can’t WAIT to get to the Florida Keys this Friday for a week.  The weather BETTER cooperate!!!

First – I learned AGAIN that lousy, cheap fabric is a WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!!  So is not using your brain!

I imagine I will hear you laugh with ‘identity’ and realizing that even I can make dumb dumb mistakes – just like I”m SURE you do!

ALL the details are at my Flickr Site which you can get to  at this link:

But here are just a few of the photos to entice you to go and read all about it…


OK – just HOW is a buttonhole supposed to ‘work’ as an opening for a cording threaded through a casing of fabric on the back side if one works the buttonhole through ALL the layers??? My brain (and skills) sometimes go ‘on vacation’ – how about YOURS????

Here is an inside view – of how the casing is separate in the front and the back, so it allows the easy ‘through all layers’ stitching under the ‘arms’ to create side seams in the swimsuit EZ Cover-Up.

That’s just a bias at the neckline – single layer, with rolled hem edge.

I decided to add some ‘floral’ embellishment at the neckline last night – here’s a snapshot of the tools I used:

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