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Shop to Find Design Ideas = Snoop Shopping

I’m traveling and shopping more than actually sewing this summer, hence my current blog direction.  The ideas at United Apparel Liquidators were so plentiful…that here is the final sharing from that source.  Today, I’m in Waco, TX shopping at the Magnolia Market and other stores …. yielding even MORE to share.   Tomorrow though, I’ll be un-packing at the Compass Centre for SEWING retreat with my sister and some other (so she says), crazy ladies, so finally I’ll be snapping photos of actual design and construction processes.

Back to UAL….

Perfect for Small Pieces

Remember that $$$$ French piece of French hand-woven fabric I had just purchased at Promenade Fabrics?  That in mind, any garment that featured a smaller area of a special fabric drew my attention.  That is the case with this illia Top.  Picture the neckline and center panel of this top executed in that small piece of french hand-woven fabric.  I think I’d add cuffs as well.  The sale price was $295.

alt="center panel attention"

Likewise, here is yet another idea.  This one was sheer lace layered over the sweater knit fabric. 

alt="lace placed on T-shirt"

Flounce Inserts in Princess-Line Dress

Flounces continue to show up – EVERYWHERE it seems!  Here’s a fun idea – insert in the gore skirt seams.  Simple.  Especially if you follow my easy directions as found in my Flirty Flounces Pattern.

alt=" Flounce-Inserted in Gored Skirt"

I hope you can see why I think us sewers should always be on the ‘look-out’ for ideas.  Shopping for ideas – and saving them with your camera is THE way to do it imho.  As I get back to creative sewing – and recording that process of design and construction, I’ll be using many of these ideas.  The way I see it, I don’t ‘copy’ but rather what I see in ready-to-wear gives me ‘jump-start ideas.

Have you ever thought that when you create something that only you – or one you love – will have, that you are creating the only garment that will exist that looks exactly like that?  I do – and it’s a ‘high’ for me.  Stay posted – and sew along with me.


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