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Promenade Fine Fabrics-Luscious Fabrics in New Orleans

Promenade Fine Fabrics

This amazing, top-quality fabric store on St. Charles in New Orleans was an unexpected treat of our vacation to that area in August this year (2017)!  My eyes just happened to zero in on it when we were on the trolley to the Garden District for a walking tour.  Click to visit their website and HERE to read more about this father & son team:  Herbert Halpern and his son, Cole.

alt="promenade storefront"

BREATH-TAKING Fabric Collection

It was like stepping into a candy store!!!  Fabric, fabric, and MORE fabric!  Of course, I quickly shared that I’d had my own fabric store – albeit for just 13 years compared to their almost 50 years! Herbert pulled out a bolt asking if I had any idea what it was.  YEAH!  I got it right – I guessed polyester, and he said it was what was left of the very first bolt made.  Even at that, it was a lovely double-faced piece of a rich champagne and white.

alt="Herb with polyester bolt"
alt="early polyester fabric"

As we continued to share with each other, it quickly became obvious that I wanted to record Herb sharing the story of his store…

Most Expensive Fabric in the Store

Curious, I asked to see the most expensive fabric in the store.  Would you believe I forget how much it was???  I’m thinking around $350. Herb’s Katrina remembrances are especially sad, since right now Houston may have similar occurrences – though I pray not! Please forgive my ‘upside-down’, crazy filming as I was bug-eyed at the fabric AND Herb’s story.

Fabrics That Made My Heart Go Pitter Patter

This elegant piece was at the front counter.  It says ‘Chanel jacket’ all over to me – creating the braid for trimming from the darker selvage and yarns extending at the selvage.  If I only ‘needed’ such a jacket, a cut of this would have come home with me! It sold for $78 per yard, a wool-silk-blend with boucle weave from Spain.

alt="wool silk Blend Boucle"

Silk Gazar Print

I was proud as a peacock to correctly identify this fabric as a Silk Gazar.  Is the term ‘Gazar’  new to you?  It is a sheer, lightweight cloth of silk or, sometimes, a synthetic fiber, having a glaze-like sheen and moderate stiffness.  I’d say this had ALOT of stiffness! It would definitely form cones of fullness in a garment.  ‘Coning’ in fabric drape means exactly what it says, the fabric has such body that when held up, it falls into a large cone shape – just like a construction cone.  The water-color look of this print floral was breath-taking, indeed.

alt="silk gazar print"

Silk Brocade Panel

Both Herb and Cole pulled out this piece of lovely fabric to show off.  A silk – of course.  The color is SO luscious!!! 

alt="Silk Jacquard border Fabric"

A closer look shows the sequins that embellish this lovely piece of fabric~