Textiles for the Seamstress


Textiles for the Seamstress


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Textiles for the Seamstress

As I prepared this class for a presettion at the Annual Conference of the  American Sewing Guild - San Diego in July, I decided it would be a great INFO PDF product as well....... 

What's the difference between Satin and Sateen? Velvet and Velveteen?
Exactly what is Tencel?
ITY stands for...?
Is it jersey or interlock?
WHAT is matelasse?
How are jacquards made?
Difference between a brocade and a tapestry? You get the idea.

With this PDF - you'll be able to print it out, AND go to the URL given to see the photos in color, and HEAR me talk you through it all - just like a private class! 

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