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Stretch Lace for Creative Sewing Fun

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

STRETCH LACE on display at JoAnn’s Fabrics today made my creative heart go ‘pitter patter’.  

Tis a good thing I was ‘on a mission’ and on my way OUT of the store, or a cut of the aqua bolt would likely have come home to ‘age’ in my stash – AND it was 30% off of $21.99!  Why did these tempt me?  Feast your eyes – then read my ideas below… 

stretch lace
  1.  Full T-Shirt or Tunic Top.  Feminine, indeed – so how about scooping out the shoulder for the ‘naked shoulder look that remains popular this year.  See my post on Naked Shoulders HERE.

  2. To line a lace top with shape and style  – check out how I did that for my daughter at THIS POST. 

  3. How about a soft, flirty sleeve like the Angel Sleeve as I teach you how to draft in my Captivating Cowls Pattern...(see the periwinkle top) below.

captivating cowls pattern
periwinkle angel sleeve top

  1. To add length to a top making it a tunic, or just longer… add either a Band, a Flounce at the hemline or godets at the sides, using directions from my pattern:  Trendy Tunic Tops.  

lace lower band
Trendy Tunic Tops
  1. How about a complete jacket like this one I saw Snoop Shopping?  I especially love this lace that was at JoAnn’s for $29.99 – yet with a 30% discount – not bad at all really!  I truly believe you CAN still save money when you sew.  Shop smart – like just today, and with an additional 20% off regular AND Sale prices, that pulls this lace down to:  $16.79/yard and I think 1.75 yards would do it – making this lace top just $29.38.

Full Lace Jacket
pretty lae at JoAnn's
lace price


Lace is ALL OVER Vogue patterns – both in their current new patterns, and the current Vogue Patterns Magazine.

Vogue New Patterns
Vogue Patterns Magazine

To close – I’ll share what I said at my appearance at the St. Louis American Sewing Guild last weekend.  Don’t just lament that Jo-Ann’s is the only fabric store in your town.  Rather, GO there and look!  Learn good fabrics and let your fingers do the feeling before you buy.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Let me know what you think regarding sniffing out the good fabrics at JoAnn’s!  Have you made anything of lace for Spring/Summer 2018?  Is sewing lace in your plans?   Comment below!



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