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Ponte Vogue Jacket: Step-by-Step Sewing Technique

A simple jacket.  A pattern that caught my eye’ as a ‘new-looking’ basic.  A simple sewing delight for a weekend. 

Could I stitch it up as directed in the pattern?  Without ANY embellishment?

Probably not.  After over 50 years of sewing, most of those as a professional, and now a blogger, I started in – of course, with camera (phone) close by.  A friend in the industry, Nancy Nix Rice, was kind enough to send to me this lovely piece of Ponte knit as she sells on her website. Previously, I had thought that the Logantex Ponte, ‘Sophia’, was nice.  Specifications as follows:  

67% Polyester 30% Rayon 3% Spandex, Hand Wash Line Dry, 60″ wide.. However, this fabric is AMAZING – just as Nancy had told me.  Below is her description.  Note the difference in fiber content.

Absolutely the loveliest ponte in the market.  A full 60% rayon for breathability and natural-fiber appearance.  7% Lycra-branded spandex “(made in USA) for stability and recovery.  33% American-made nylon.  16-oz weight, made on special machinery that creates a finer/tighter gauge for a smoother surface and a more stable, firm fabric.  Made in a California factory with the same eco-friendly bluesign certification used by iconic brands like Patagonia and Eileen Fisher.  60” width.  Gently machine washable, tumble briefly, then hanger-dry.  Also dry-cleanable.

This fabric is available HERE in many colors.  Though $24/yard, worth every penny!

Follow along with my ‘tricks of the trade’ for construction, design decisions and more in this 2-part posting on stitching a Ponte Jacket using Vogue 8819 which is out of print – sorry.  Simple lines though – easy to draft.