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PAINT your Fabric for a STUNNING Jacket!

One of the best treats to doing the sewing expos around the country is seeing – firsthand – the lovely garments (works of art)  that gals create.  Marci stopped by my booth – sometime this spring – I’m sorry, I don’t remember where it was…, but this jacket was STUNNING!  Marci had simply taken a solid tan linen, and painted all over it with Lumiere paints using stencils from Diane Ericson.  Feast your eyes – and BE INSPIRED!!!  Send me your photos – I’ll gladly add them to my Blog and brag on you!!!!

A proud Marci in her elegant painted jacket – a pattern from Diane Ericson

This view of the jacket back gives you a real sense of how MUCH stenciling she had done.

Closeup shot of her jacket front and collar.

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