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Newest Creative Sweatshirt Jackets….

Here are my latest Creative Sweatshirt Jackets… I love, love, love this grey one – which I came up with while designing for one of my one-of-a-kind KITS – then I had to keep it and make it myself. I lvoe the ‘funnel’ neckline silhouette – which honestly just ‘happened’… Bias is the key to all the swirls and binding. Started with the set of 3 great Crone Art Buttons…

Just back from my teaching expedition to 2 shops in Florida…. where this jacket was the WINNER! It is really SEW easy, that I’ve decided to write directions for it, along with an associated webpage, and give it as a ‘GIFT’ to customers who purchase over $45 during my next promotion and at shows… How’s that for an idea?

3-2-09: I have it ready. 🙂 Sew….if you place an order for over $45 and ask for it – you’ll get the link to the webpage via email.

The Fuchsia jacket below features more silk doupionni chenille strips – in fact, the collar is solidly embellished with the strips. I was inspired by the collar on a Vogue pattern. I like the divisions I came up with in the jacket as well. To accommodate the 3 large buttons, I engineered slot buttonholes in a seam. This one will be available as a pattern – with more neat collar options in a pattern called CHOSEN – probably to come out in August – AFTER the wedding, breathing, and the writing process.

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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