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Loveliest Ponte Knit I've Ever Found!

One of my students came to class with this lovely ponte knit and I hopped right over to to order some for myself! This fabric is the most luxurious, full-bodied yet drapeable fabrications I've seen in a LONG time! It is only available in navy, green, and white, so white NOT being my color, I opted to order 6 yards of navy and 4 yards of the green. My student made a sleeveless full length simple sheath of the navy - think of the versatility to wear with jackets, scarves, jewelry - a workhorse in any fashionable woman's wardrobe!

Here's a snapshot I took of this luxurious fabric from the website. Here's the link to this fabric:

Why did I order SO much fabric? I'm stitching up a SWAP Travel Wardrobe for a bus trip to Washington D.C. in October I've put together with Diamond Tours (they are GREAT by the way!). I've been taking lots of pictures and will do a full post on all of my creations and stitching techniques real soon. Today though, I just wanted to share about this LOVELY FABRIC with ya'll and suggest if you have any needs - (yeah right - let's make that WANTS/DESIRES for a lovely basic fabric - go GRAB SOME QUICK!

ZIPPERS! My adult students seem to have that very common fear of zippers, but I have great written and video tutorials for allo types of zippers. My newest videos on these installations are the most recent 3 on my YouTube Channel: Each of these below are links to that video - just click on them.

If you prefer or want in addition, WRITTEN directions, I have a Zipper Manifesto available at this link HERE.

For a Fly Front Zipper - I think you'll love my directions as shared in this video. I worked this technique out way back when making dress pants for my little boy in the early 80's and have used it ever since. With pant styles returning to REAL waistline and tailored styling, often requiring a fly front zipper, I think you might find this useful.

HAPPY SEWING! I've finally decided to replace some basics and I can't tell you how much enjoyment it is giving me to SEW garments again! If you've been away from it for a spell as I have, I gently recommend you 'get back into it'.

AS A SMALL MAIL ORDER BUSINESS, I truly appreciate any and all orders you send my way. I do carry notions that are hard-to-find like Ban-Rol, and the Chakoner.

Here's a Coupon Code useful on ANY PRODUCT on my website for 15% off (even on Sale items!) your TOTAL ORDER for the 1st 15 shoppers who place orders! This offer is valid through Monday, August 21. Please know how much I am honored when you order from me, so count on some FREEBIES being stuck in with your order as well!


is the Coupon Code to input when you check out!

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Very pleased with the cascading Romanesque lampshade from helloalva It has become a real decoration for my window, giving the room a special charm.

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