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Londa’s ‘Wrap Technique’ for Skirt and Pant Waistband Elastic

See angle to the lower flounce stitching and the swing of the skirt

I snuck a few minutes one night at the Retreat to stitch 4 seams to create a green Tencel Fajita Skirt to go with my Double Flounce Top.  To make the angle ‘make sense’ with the top, I just flipped the pattern pieces wrong side up.  Below, you can see how I’ve come to apply elastic to skirt and tops.  I like to use a firm elastic 1 1/4″ wide.  I just measure how much I need by pulling it tight around my hips (after all, you have to get it on and off!).  Realize that any and all elastics WILL stretch out some when stitched!  Instead of lapping one end over the other to stitch it into a circle, I grab a scrap of fabric and butt the ends, zig zag stitching back and forth so it is a VERY secure joining. What you see in the photo below is described in the caption…

Butt elastic and stitch on a scrap of fabric. Then stitch on RIGHT side of skirt, top edges even in a 1/4″ seam.

Then……when the elastic flips to the INSIDE of the garment, the upper edge is ‘wrapped’ with the garment fabric.  Now just ‘stitch in the ditch’ at the side seams (and maybe the center back) and WALA – you’re done.  You could stitch around the lower edge of the elastic, through the garment and the elastic, but really that just makes it look more home-made, AND will further serve to stretch out the elastic.  Steaming always shrinks elastic again some.

Flip elastic to inside of the skirt, wrapping upper elastic edge. Stitch in ditch from outside at side seams.

Here is my completed outfit…which I can’t WAIT to wear.  AND, it is a part of my SWAP grouping – my Sewing With A Plan introduced at this post HERE.  The Fajita Skirt is a bit mind-twisting (in a good, challenging way) so I’ve written one of my Londa’s 2 Cents Worth Booklets that if you order along with the Fajita Skirt Pattern, and input this code at the checkout:  2centsfajita – will actually credit you for the $2 charge, making my booklet FREE – and it comes to you auto download!

Flirty Flounce Double Flounce Top + Fajita Skirt

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