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Londa’s 2013 Retreat Report

We’re all recuperating from the WONDERFUL TIME and NEW FRIENDS we made at my Annual Get-Away Creative Retreat this last Thurs-Sunday!  The Threads n Beds Retreat Center in Danville, IL is such a perfect place that welcomes us and allows us to shop in their store, the yarn shop, and to bring in food so we can EAT and SEW and CHAT!  If only there had been less rain – we could have enjoyed the lovely garden/gazebo in Mae’s Garden – the retreat the owners built in his mother’s memory.

A GREAT time was had by all, including medical advice and spot ‘massage’ by Carol T from Texas!  As one of my ‘around the country God-sent Girlfriend/Assistants, she was a wonderful addition – as was Carol C who is my ‘right hand’ at so many shows!  Along with both of them, Gloria from St. Louis kept everything running smoothly for purchases, food ordering, etc and combined, with the help of these great gals and each attendee helping others, everyone had a great time!

Many of the gals quickly grabbed up new items:  ‘Bert & Ernie’ Norwex Cleaning Cloths when I showed how quick and easy it was to clean off  oil & vinegar dressing I’d smeared onto a mirror!  They’ll have more time for sewing when they spend less money (these cloths use just WATER!) and time on spring cleaning!

Next Year’s RETREAT is set – the same last weekend of April, 2014 for $425, including lodging, but $395 to anyone with a $50 non-refundable deposit.  Balance is due March 1 of 2014.  There are ONLY 17 slots available at this writing – so if you’re interested, DO NOT DELAY!!!

Here are some photos…and I hope to add some more from others’ cameras as they are sent….., then below that see my Elastic Waistband Technique – the ONE thing (4 seams plus the elastic) that I accomplished at the retreat…THREADS N BEDS RETREAT CENTER in Danville, IL.

The needle felting on the blue jacket was accomplished – along with work on the front and sleeves in record time by Sharon!   She used the Clover Needle Felting tools as I offer in my $-saving Combo HEREIn fact, I love what Sharon wrote to me when she got home:

  “Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity this weekend.  We learned so much and I’m much more inclined to keep climbing the ladder inside my box.  I hope to climb completely out of it before I reach really old age.”

Each lady worked at her own speed, on whatever she desired.  My job was to just circulate, helping each as needed with fit, design, etc.  They were each GREAT seamstresses, so that wasn’t an issue.

The last day, several ladies did the Flirty Flounces Top – and I can’t wait to get photos of their completed projects…  We came up with the idea (ala not enough fabric…) of stopping the flounces on the full flounce front, short of the  neckline – leaving the chest area blank, for a great jewelry location, etc.  Bamboo knit worked great, as will my new fabric:  Foxy Lady – which I have in purple (Iris), Turquoise and Periwinkle.  Find these in the FABRIC section at my website.

By this time next year, I’ll have several new Artistic T designs completed – and I think the returnees will be focusing their time that direction, but remember, if you attend, you can do ANYTHING – just realize I do NOT quilt!  Anything else – I’m happy to help you with!~!!!

I snuck in a bit of sewing myself – see my next post:  Londa’s Elastic Technique for Skirts and Pants. 

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