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Hair Scrunchie Sewing Directions

For all the years I’ve been teaching young girls to sew, the first project has been making a Hair Scrunchie – and they LOVE making these!  Always successful, the girls leave their first class knowing how to ‘drive’ a sewing machine, how to stitch backwards, that most seams are sewn ‘pretty sides together’, and how to turn a tube.  The smiles on their faces as they leave with something they can WEAR and brag that they made themselves – are priceless!  One of my students went into business making these and selling them to make money for a special dance class event she wanted to attend.  Would you believe she has made and sold over 45 of them since she started with me late last fall!  My first little spawned Entrepreneur!

Here are the directions that I’ve recently developed  that seems to work like a charm.  The Easy Threader Tool is inexpensive and readily available at the local chain fabric store.


  1. 3.5” – 5” wide strip across the width of 44-45” fabric

  2. 10” of 1/4” elastic

  3. Easy Threader


  1. Stitch one end of the Easy Threader to one of the short ends of the fabric on the right side. Attach so it will hold during turning, but realize that this will be UN-Sewn in one of the last steps. Tie the other end of the elastic into the eye end of the Easy Threader.

Attach elastic to end and Easy Turner

     2. With right (pretty) sides together, fold the fabric along its length and stitch 1/4” from the matched long cut edges. BUT…before you finish stitching at the end, stitch across the bottom end, turn it under 1/2” to the ugly side as shown in this picture below.

3.Stick the other end of the Easy Threader into this tube and pull out the other end. This will turn the tube right (pretty) side out..

Turning the Scrunchie

The second photo above shows what it will look like as the right side starts to come out…

4. Turn the Easy Threader around and poke it back into the tube in order to get the elastic THROUGH the inside of the tube. See photo below.

Anchor Elastic to Scrunchie
elastic pulled through tube

5. UN-Stitch the elastic from the fabric, but pin or hold onto that end of the elastic. UN-Tie the other end of the elastic from the Easy Threader.

Tie these ends into a SQUARE KNOT

  1. right end over left end and under

  2. left end over right end and under

tie elastic in square knot

6. Cut off the ends of the elastic and move the knot around through the tube a few inches. This will prevent stitching through the bulk of the knot in the last step.   

7. Slip the un-turned end into the end that is turned under and pin.  Stitch through everything to finish. You could hand-stitch this, but the fullness will cover it up and you’ll never see it anyway. 🙂

copyright 2017 Londa J. Rohlfing

Londa’s Sunroom Sewing Studio

Have fun making these Hair Scrunchies with the young ones in your life.  Let me know how it goes in the Comments below.

Do you have sewing questions?  I’m most happy to give you answers as I am able.  Contact me at 217-369-4687, or you can contact me online . While you’re there, please check out my online shop, etc. Right now there are AMAZING savings on extra Expo/Show Inventory HERE. 

Would you like to come sew with me in my Sunroom Sewing Studio?  We would have a BLAST, and you would learn ALOT.  Contact me for details.

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