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Fly Front Zipper Installation: the EZ Way

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Don't let zippers intimidate you! I've just taped a new video on the way I developed to install a fly front zipper. Actually, I 'developed' this way back when my now 41-year-old son was a toddler and I was making him his Sunday best suits! Since then, I've always installed my fly front zippers using this technique. Just as with all zippers (installed my way), please be sure to note that I say to use a LONGER zipper than is called for - ALWAYS. See the video below.

For just $6, enjoy my written step-by-step directions for ALL zipper types as found in my Zipper Manifesto.  

You'll learn :

* a centered application where the zipper doesn't peak and there are NO diagonal drag lines

*lapped application that is 'slick as a whistle'

* how to make invisible zippers TRULY invisible - AND matching horizontal lines  

Find my Zipper Manifesto PDF at this link: 

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