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Fashion Advice We ALL Need to Heed


If you take time to sew clothing, you obviously love fashion. Color selection is one of the most important decisions you make – every day as you dress, but also as you select fabric.  In my humble opinion, you can’t do any better than to listen and understand color and styling through my buddy Nancy Nix-Rice.


Be smart, and take time to learn from the best in the business of color and style, my buddy Nancy Nix-Rice.  Her newsletters are ones I ALWAYS open.  For me, it is like taking the color and styling class I was fortunate enough to take 32 years ago – all over, every time she shares.


From her newsletter of March 29, you can learn what I feel is THE MOST IMPORTANT principle in color selection.  Study these photos, try to come to some conclusions yourself, then click over to HERE to read Nancy explain it to you in her easy-to-understand manner.  You’ll be glad you took the time, I promise!

ladies ordered by value

In a Nutshell…

“The dark green outfit on the left is far too dark and visually heavy for the coloring of the wearer’s head. And the head-to-toe white outfit is so light that it doesn’t connect with the wearer’s much stronger coloring.

The concept here is that the colors you wear head-to-toe should be relatively equal in value to your personal color pattern. ”  quote taken from Nancy’s March 29, 2017 Newsletter – Styling Tips & Trends – Week #7.

Sew… Hop over to Nancy’s site: and shop around.  Tell her Londa sent you!  Don’t miss the amazing Ponte Knit she has for sale at this link.  Nancy was kind enough to send me a 2 yard piece of the periwinkle, and I can’t wait to get it stitched into a simple jacket, perfect for taking along to-most anywhere- since I always freeze in air conditioning.  It feels absolutely LUSCIOUS beyond description!

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