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Embellish a Hoodie

Well – this might be crazy, posting and blogging about a Christmas gift before it is given…but I have my doubts that my future niece-in-law will ever see this.

Starting with a pull0ver hoodie sweatshirt – I slashed it up the center, added a hood lining cut on the bias, bands up the center front, cut off the lower band, added an interfaced piece of fabric… and added a big black zipper. Some hand stitching using the Clover double eyed needles to easily work with 2 different color strands of pearle cotton was fun too – and I think (hope) added a funky feel.

Sew….hoodies transformed….a new direction??

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Threads –

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