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A VERY Fine Pant Waist Finish

Updated: May 26, 2022

These are my favorite Chico’s pants. I bought 2 pair in December of 2007 (honestly!) and I'm thrilled to say that they still LOOK GREAT (and fit)! And... I bought them both (black and grey) on sale for about $15! It goes to show when you purchase quality garments in classic style, and hold onto them - well, that is a VERY smart decision!

Anyway – I LOVE these fine details, and have copied them on several pair of my own custom-made pants. With these details and photos, you can do it too.

Note in picture above, the ribbon around the bottom of the invisible side zipper. Also – that the zipper tape is stitched to the seam allowance at the bottom of the zipper. Invisible zips can really scratch your body – especially at the top edge. Do an inside tab as you see here.

This is all on the INSIDE of the pant. The tab covers the zip coil to keep it from scratching, and holds it all together on the body VERY nicely - and FLAT! In the photo below, note where my left forefinger is pointing…this is stitching THROUGH the end of the elastic that has been stretched a bit to INTERFACE the facing. The elastic extends to about the same distance from the side around the back of my body.

Below, I’m showing how the 1 1/2″ elastic has been butted right up to the top edge of the facing seam on the INSIDE of the facing – and stretched a bit. It is serged along with the facing edge to finish, and topstitched to the facing only along the top edge. It appears to be stretched just a tad all along – just a gently tug, accomplished with some firm pressure from behind and in front of the needle as you apply it.

See next picture…taken from inside the pant – showing the slight ‘gather’ on the facing. This treatment makes for a wonderful firm, flat, comfy waistband – no matter WHERE on your body you place it! Mine hits just a smidge below the belly button.

Current fashion (FINALLY!) has high waistbands, but you can count on the fact that the youngsters will eventually want it lower again. Us old gals KNOW where our real waist is, eh? Anyway, since these pants have lasted SO great for SO LONG, and I love wearing them they have truly become a backbone of my wardrobe year-round.

FYI the leg has a 21" circumference at the hem, and they are a medium-heavy weight gabardine weave of poly, rayon and a tad of lycra (I think).

Anyway - the lessons I take away from these garment stapes is:

1. Shop top-quality garments, especially on SALE.

2. Glean sewing techniques from purchased garments!

3. Eat healthy and control your weight - just sayin'....

For Londa’s books, patterns, and supplies as described in her sewing escapades, please see Londa’s Creative Sewing –

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