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Color Forecast for Fall 2016


My sis sent me this great email from Mood Fabrics in NYC with a great ‘feel’ for THE colors for fall.  Not that we let anyone dictate WHAT we wear, but it IS fun to know ‘what the powers that be’ have decided is ‘IN’.  Mood is the great fabric store in NYC where the contestants on Project Runway go to shop.  My little sister got to visit there, but I haven’t!   Back during my shop ownership days, I bought fabrics from Mood – always finding great pieces.

Anyway – here are their pictures of color trends for Fall.  Go to this LINK HERE to read more of their commentary and to see the runway garments.  When you do – note that the pant silhouette is NOT all skin-tight!!!!  Yep, there are some – but if you count through – it is (finally) NOT the main look.  I also don’t see the (very tired to me) silhouette of long tunics with tight short leggins any longer.  Personally – YEAH!


‘Camper’ is the first group – greens.  Vineyard Green  is a nice olive – not too ‘warm’ undertone, nor too ‘cool’ undertone.  My eyes are in this family – so greens are good for me.  Your eyes are the ‘window to your soul’ – so always a good color to repeat in your clothing – your eyes will ‘pop’.  Atlantic Deep is a cool undertone green – one most can wear, I’d say.  Dress Blues is pretty dark.  All of the first three colors could become ‘BASIC’ colors (pant, skirt, jacket) in a wardrobe capsule.  Apple Green is pretty ‘acid’ and hard in general for most gals to wear.  I have a red-headed friend who looked GREAT in this color, but it isn’t for grey-haired me, for sure.  Just my (educated) opinion…